CrevasseII-Strata-Bubble, etching w/chine colle, 16" x 8", 2012

CrevasseII-Strata-Bubble, etching w/chine colle, 16″ x 8″, 2012

I am a visual artist living and working in Seattle. My art is an exploration of memories that accumulate in the physical world; specifically where human history intersects a longer time span. I have traveled to remote field camps with glaciologists to perceive these places through their eyes and my own observations. I strive to create work that expresses both the beauty of the earth’s gyrations and the power of deep geologic change. The resulting images provide a space to consider environmental change and our relationships with nature.
Currently, I am creating a series of drawings, prints and sculptures inspired by a journey to West Greenland with a team of geologists with the research project Snow on Ice. Read More.

Francine Seders Gallery closed at the end of 2014. Until further notice, all sales inquiries can be made through me. Contact the artist

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