Antarctica During 2009-10, I traveled to West Antarctica on a National Science Foundation Artist and Writers grant. I make quick field sketches, took copious notes and pictures. These paintings and prints document the vast spaces of the West Antarctic Plateau and the infrastructure unique to polar field camps.

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WAIS Reliquary: 68,000 Years

WAIS Reliquary: 68,000 Years In January 2012, after ten years of planning and work, scientists completed drilling a 3405 meters core from the West Antarctic Ice Sheet ( It is one of the deepest and most detailed ice cores ever retrieved. Data from the study of this ice is redefining our understanding of the climate…

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Ice Series Prints

Ice Series Prints A dominate theme in my work is the portrayal of history and time in the land.  I became interested in ice cores after a winter visit to Alaska.  Scientists use ice cores to determine climate conditions reaching back several hundred thousand years.  I found myself fantasizing about all of the secrets locked…

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Northwest Glaciers

Northwest Glaciers I have taken several trips to glaciers in the Pacific Northwest to sketch; Mt Baker and Mt Rainier in Washington State and the Mt Waddington Ice Core Project field camp, in British Columbia.

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Lava Cave-1_1

Land Galleries

Land Galleries When drawing plants and land, I imagine all of the human events that have occurred in a place and how each subject is altered by these events, illustrating the marks of time. In common with the scientist, I am searching for evidence; a record of memory in the land.

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