During 2009-10, I traveled to West Antarctica on a National Science Foundation Artist and Writers grant. I make quick field sketches, took copious notes and pictures. These paintings and prints document the vast spaces of the West Antarctic Plateau and the infrastructure unique to polar field camps.

Antarctic Paintings

Antarctic Paintings The Antarctic Space and Light paintings are a response to the vast West Antarctic Ice Sheet. When I first arrived, the research camp appeared featureless, broken only by grids of cargo, tents and power lines. But gradually a subtler level of contrast materialized. The two constants in this landscape, wind and snow, interact…

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WAIS Camp Stories

WAIS Camp Stories In 2005, a team of scientists began collecting a deep ice core from the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) Divide. In December of 2009, I traveled to the WAIS Divide Camp as a participant with the National Science Foundation’s Artist and Writers program. One of my goals was to document the camp.…

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  1. Lin McJunkin on October 19, 2014 at 2:52 am

    I saw your haunting work at MoNA yesterday, Anna, and was totally impressed with all the ways you capture the significance of ice core studies and our rapidly melting glaciers. As a glass artist and science educator, I have long been concerned about climate change and attempted to portray those concerns in glass. But you have done it so elegantly with fiber, ink, vials, and sound in “WAIS Reliquary.” Congratulations and I’m so glad I found your thoughtful and thought-provoking work to challenge and stimulate my own. -Lin McJunkin