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When drawing plants and land, I imagine all of the human events that have occurred in a place and how each subject is altered by these events, illustrating the marks of time. In common with the scientist, I am searching for evidence; a record of memory in the land.


Geology Soil shows only one layer until cut, revealing a long record.  Geologists and archeologists reconstruct the story of the planet by studying these layers.  Perhaps it is my familiarity with their discoveries that imbues exposed cliffs with mythology and metaphor.  Perhaps the organic and mineral deposits that are laid in strata contain not just…

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Lava Cave-1_1


Lava Several thoughts arose as I walked around the unusual landscape at Lava Tree State Park in Hawaii.  First, I noticed the physical characteristics of the geologic formations.  They reminded me of standing stones in the British Isles or Chinese scholar stones, hey are cocoons, sarcophagi, rotting trunks. I tried to imagine the event that…

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Tree Portraits

Tree Portraits For several years I focused on trees as subjects.  I am struck by all that can be expressed through their rendering.  They are figures and mirror our behavior.  They are often the most obvious display of the intersection of natural processes with our built environments.  They elicit thoughts of survival and the strength…

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Trunks Tree trunks look like the human torso.  It is reassuring to recognize ourselves in the land.

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