Northwest Glaciers

I have taken several trips to glaciers in the Pacific Northwest to sketch; Mt Baker and Mt Rainier in Washington State and the Mt Waddington Ice Core Project field camp, in British Columbia.

Glaciers: Persistent Ice in Motion

Glaciers: Persistent Ice In Motion These drawings are focused on Alpine glaciers near my home in the Pacific Northwest. I began sketching glaciers about ten years ago, and in that time, have noticed a distinct decline in their extent. These portraits celebrate the beauty of these unique environments and provide an outlet to contemplate change…

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Northwest Glacier Paintings

Northwest Glacier Paintings I went into nearby mountains to lie beside glaciers, to look at patterns of flow and collapse. As I journeyed into larger, whiter spaces, my materials changed to accommodate the shift. Large expanses of pencil or ink marks gave way to larger areas of gesso and paint washes. The compositions are cropped…

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Northwest Glacier Prints

Northwest Glacier Prints Scimitar Journey is a series of very small diptychs (each image is 2inches square) that follow my helicopter trip to the Combatant Col field camp. The same view is printed side by side, one line etch, one aquatint. Cropped Coast Range is a series of etchings from my visit to Combatant Col…

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