In the Studio-making new etching plates

I have been spending a lot of time in the studio, preparing artwork for an exhibition at Francine Seders Gallery this coming November. This first photo is of an etching plate inked, wiped and ready to print. The blue areas are where the aquatint is holding ink. The copper areas are where there is little or no etched texture to hold ink. Next it will be run through the press with paper to transfer the ink, making a print. Its that easy (hee hee).

The plate is 18″x18″ and is inspired by patterns of gas bubbles in ice core samples. I have been creating different images for a couple of years now, but it seems to hold my interest. I have made about 15 smaller and 6 or so larger plates, and print them in different combinations to create a large series of monotypes (meaning that they are each unique, rather than in an edition).

The next plate is from a newer series I am working on to document the WAIS Divide camp. This plate shows the “moose” door into the drill arch. You may be able to see the image in this photograph. The arch was built in 2004 and at this point is almost buried by the drifting snow. More soon!