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In the Studio – making sense of it all (?)

“Easton Glacier” 24″x48″ 2010, graphite, gesso, acrylic Traveling to and existing in the beautiful white expanse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet has been a dream since childhood. Now, back in my daily life, holding onto the experience is like holding onto ice that will inevitable melt or sublimate away. All I can do is…

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Reflections from the Ice

I am home and sorting through notes, sketches and photographs from my travels south. Paul and I had a great time in New Zealand. We hiked in the Queen Charlottes, Abel Tasman,  and on the west coast; drove through wine country that felt like the Napa Valley; saw many strange birds and entire forests of…

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Art Experiments in the Freezer

Looking at and drawing ice cores at the National Ice Core Lab and University of Washington’s IsoLab was a beautiful and intimidating experience as an artist.  My original attraction to this subject was the rich and long history that the cores contain.  I have spent cold hours rendering several of the cores with a certain…

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