Drawing at field camp, near Sisimiut, Greenland
Drawing at field camp #1, West Greenland

In July, 2018, I joined a team of geologists in Greenland to sketch, make notes and photograph the field work and surrounding landscape. The Snow on Ice research project inspires me by providing both a new environment, the arctic, and perspective for further inquiry into glaciers. I am particularly interested in multiple dimensions of time and space, as well as examining the accretion and recession of an ice sheet, pulsing, recursive events that venture into both the past and future.
I spent this time sketching, observing their work, and helped collect samples. I made slow realist drawings as an exercise in non-verbal concentrated observation. It was a rich experience of connection and appreciation. I asked questions about the research, desperately trying to take in key concepts. We all shared camp duties, hauling and setting up gear, and worked to stay warm.
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